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Recent Case Studies

Case Studies


Royal Sea Bathing Hospital Margate Kent



The Royal Sea Bathing hospital was founded in 1791, by John Coakley Lettsom. As a specialist hospital for treatment of tuberculosis. In 1796 the hospital pioneered the use of “Sea bathing” as a treatment. 50 years later indoor salt water baths (swimming pools) were installed so that treatment could continue all year round.


As a grade 2 listed building all renovation works had to be performed with the greatest of care and externally to building was to remain as close to original as possible.


FocalPoint were called in as a sub-contractor to manage all the repointing works on the site.  Lime Mortar was used on the original buildings and coloured pigments added to best match the original mortar. 




The Spike Guildford Surrey


The Guildford ‘Spike’, one of the best preserved Vagrants Wards in the country, is restored and renovated for the benefit of the local community in Charlotteville, Guildford and also visitors to the area.

Over five hundred Vagrants Wards were built during the Victorian period and of these, only eight are thought to remain intact. These buildings were created as a result of the 1834 Poor Law, set up to provide basic hostel accommodation and stop vagrants from sleeping rough.

FocalPoint worked as sub- contractors in charge of the various repointing projects that took place during the restoration.  Original mortar was tested and then a matching mortar designed using a mix of local sands and lime.  This project was funded by a heritage lottery fund.  As the building had been granted listed building status in 1999 it was imperative that all works be carried out to a high specification and all restoration work be sympathetic to the original building.


Hume Court Hythe Kent 


Although these flats were built within the last 40 years, the severe weather conditions found in the coastal town of Hythe had managed to erode a large percentage of the mortar.  FocalPoint worked as the main contractor carrying out not only the repointing but the mastic repairs and finally a water seal to ensure the weather will not affect the building again.




Residential Property Westgate Kent


This building had undergone it`s fair share of repairs throughout the century but unfortunately many were carried out incorrectly using inappropriate materials.  FocalPoint were called in to repair spalled brickwork and repoint the ground floor elevation.  Matching bricks were sourced locally and sympathetic replacements were made.  It was agreed that the pointing should be pigmented as this was the style at the time of construction.